The Artist Behind the Legends As part of its social mission, Kcull Life Foundation is continually seeking out partnerships with local Miami artists. CYST1, graffiti/mural artist from Miami, FL. Painting since he was 12 years old now with over 25 years of experience. With a wide range of different art forms medias from spray paint to acrylic and

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Salsa’s Greatest Legends Mural

Official Unveiling on Saturday, March 11th  The mural we present is a collection of Salsa’s Greatest Legends involved in the genre’s multinational movement. Therefore, we have to initiate the Salsa flare with one of Miami’s hottest Salsa concerts while also documenting every step!     The unveiling will coincide during the Carnaval Miami, Calle Ocho Music Festival weekend. 

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Taking a Look Back at Kcull’s December Events

We recap last year with one of Kcull’s last events. In December, one of Kcull’s local artist, Katelyn Fay did a live painting at the Kcull boutique shop during one of their monthly boutique nights on Miami’s Art Basel weekend. Aside from being a painter, Katelyn is also a Kcull vendor and sells her Faena

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Pre Basel Calle Ocho Block Party

EVENT DETAILS Tue, November 22, 2022 Live Painting (First Event): 3:00 PM – 5:00PM  Kcull Boutique: 1735 SW 8th StMiami, FL 33135 Didi Studio Tour/Block Party & Giveaways (Second Event): 7:00PM – 10:00PM  Kcull Shop: 1358 Southwest 8th Street Miami, FL 33135   If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local art scene, here’s

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UMA Miami Makes the Kcull Shortlist

Rocking Organic Andean Weave Shirts Stake Their Claim Kcull Retail continues to advance its arts & crafts initiative by regularly featuring new talent through creative collaborations. Kcull Retail is made up of the Kcull Store and Boutique, strategically located stark in the middle of Miami’s historically enticing 8th Street Little Havana District, as well as

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Lahlo Artful Swimsuitry

Talented Artwork Meets Swimwear Apparel Kcull Retail is always on the search for new partners to showcase any novel iteration of artistry. As a local Miami arts & crafts outlet, we are proud to present our latest addition to our roster, with which we hope to further our connection of consumers to artists and their

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Mutantland Art

As a collective of visionaries, artificers, illuminators and handwerkers, Kcull makes a special effort to always showcase pieces and art that enables our discerning clients to find that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ they are looking for. It might be a memento of their trip to Miami, a gift for that special someone, a present

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A Scent of Unconventional, Luxury, Artful Creations

Kcull Presents Andrea Collet’s Exclusive Bohemian Atelier Hats Collection Kcull, is always on the lookout for new talent in the arts & creativity scene that fulfills our heartfelt promise: build a network of rabidly creative collab that spreads its tentacles far and wide for the advancement of our home-based communities through local business promotion, real-world

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DJ Nights Just Got Better

YO ME AMOOFFICIAL DROP PARTYAPRIL 15TH FRIDAY DJ EVENT @ KCULL BOUTIQUE The DJ-themed music fests that began a while back how now become a revolving-door fixture at the Kcull Boutique. Parked a few steps above the sidewalk where the art-deco Brentwood building stands proud on 1735 SW 8th St., our local arts and crafts

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In its relentless search to continue discovering and featuring local artists that conjure up and relay a different take on the indomitable Miami spirit, Kcull is excited to announce the official pop-up store by TOY at our very own Kcull Boutique, located on 1735 SW 8th St in boomtown Little Havana. @toyinvades takes a bow

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Iconic Kcull Calle 8 Celia Cruz Mural 1-Year Anniversary

Original Canvas Mural Replica by Street Artist Miss LushyPart of the Celia Cruz Traveling Expo Coming up on the first-year anniversary of the iconic Celia Cruz ‘Queen of Salsa’ mural envisioned and executed by brush-happy virtuoso Miss Lushy, Kcull and the artist paired up again to celebrate the colorful April 3rd 2021 unveiling on Miami’s

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Kcull Life Flyers

Gloria & Emilio Estefan Little Havana Tribute Mural

Official Unveiling on Saturday, January 22nd at La Casa de los Trucos When: Saturday, January 22, 2022 | 1-4PMWhere: Casa de Los Trucos | 1343 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135Kcüll Life Foundation devised the “Latin Music & Art Series” as a concerted effort in beautification of Miami’s overlooked neighborhoods with culturally relevant art by partnering up with local

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Kcull Boutique feat. Friday DJ Events

Located at 1735 SW 8th St. in Miami’s celebrated Little Havana district, the KCULL Boutique continues to rethink the concept of coalescing top quality local handcrafts, curated shopping, and the ongoing blending contribution of local artistes and crackerjacks for the advancement of community life at The Barrio. Starting now, Kcull Boutique will insist on its evening retail experience profile by

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Kcull Life

Disem 305

The Artist Behind the Estefans’ Mural As part of its social mission, Kcull Life Foundation is continually seeking out partnerships with local Miami artists. It is moved by the strong conviction that a culturally-poignant and artful beautification of overlooked historic neighborhoods at home will bring a host of benefits to local communities by blending the sublime with the functional:

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