Lahlo Artful Swimsuitry

Talented Artwork Meets Swimwear Apparel

Kcull Retail is always on the search for new partners to showcase any novel iteration of artistry. As a local Miami arts & crafts outlet, we are proud to present our latest addition to our roster, with which we hope to further our connection of consumers to artists and their wonderful stories.
This is the story of LAHLO.​
LAHLO Apparel brings a new flavor to swimwear by pairing up with artists to make our swim trunks —all models come in shorts and briefs— a true art piece. Without art, LAHLO would swim in a sea of shared brand offerings, without any true differentiation. You know images downloaded from the internet purporting lines, basic block colors, flowers, graphic iterations, etc. The brand ethos of LAHLO Apparel is completely different: ‘Buy Art. Never Go Out of Style!’
LAHLO is the fledgling child of Eduardo, nicknamed Lalo by friends and family. Lalo hails from Mexico’s small town of Moroleón, in Mexico’s Guanajuato state. Lalo is a graphic designer who is proud of his Mexican roots, culture, and heritage. He has always loved and felt identified with Mexican genius painter and historical social icon Frida Kahlo, a visionary who brought the essence of her home country wherever she went in the world displaying a uniquely Mexican dress code and accessorizing demeanor. LALO + KAHLO = LAHLO. This is Lalo’s humble homage to Frida, her courage, and her richly patterned artistry.
Lalo was first inspired to launch his firm during a visit to Miami. At a chance meeting with his new friend and mentor, he was confronted with this question: “What are you going to give differently to people?” Sometime later, walking through personal favorite Wynwood, Lalo had a eureka moment surrounded by all the graffiti street art. “I will stamp art on the fabric of swimsuits.” The passion project was on! Now he needed a production hub. A long search finally took him back to his hometown, where his parents has owned a clothing factory for 30 years. He decided this was where his factory would stand, thus ensuring a double goal: to achieve the high standards he was looking for with such unique and art-laden merch and to support the family-driven economic fabric of his birthplace, something he is extremely proud of.
Lahlo has partnered up with a shortlist of international artists to produce one-of-a-kind swimsuits. They are:
Most importantly, since their art brings the earnest distinction point, a portion of the profits will go directly into the pockets of the master creators.

Wearable Art • Exclusive Designs • Limited Inventory

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