DJ Nights Just Got Better


The DJ-themed music fests that began a while back how now become a revolving-door fixture at the Kcull Boutique. Parked a few steps above the sidewalk where the art-deco Brentwood building stands proud on 1735 SW 8th St., our local arts and crafts outlet is nestled between a Thai restaurant and a Tarot reader, a true metaphor of the lively eclecticism that now characterizes the ‘downtown’ of Little Havana and which Kcull Boutique is intent on celebrating and promoting beyond its local borders.

As such, this new and exciting ‘Yo Me Amo’ event, thought up by Alobebi designer and muse Anette Mago and hosted and promoted by Kcull Boutique should go a long way to advance our ethos: local handcraftsmanship, curated shopping, and the allure of local artistes and crackerjacks for the betterment of community life at The Barrio.

Penned in for Friday April 15th, the event will kick off at 4:00 pm. Due to end by 10:00 pm approx., the 6-hour Alobebi “Yo me Amo Official Drop Party” DJ Night event will feature a motley crew of entertainers: live painters, featuring Cuban-American, Miami-born-and-raised Meg, the force behind MegVizual, her personal brand of everyday character-based art inspired by the blend of cultures, eras, and an aesthetic dear to the author herself; and guest DJ Ephniko on the “turntables”, spreading his playlist magic and sound cloud for all to hear and enjoy.

And yet, the star of the evening will be the interactive installation brought to you by featured artist and co-host Alobebi. The installment will feature merch including joggers, bucket hats and the celebrated ‘YO ME AMO/YO ME QUIERO’ hoodies, a motto-cum-position-statement that the artist summarized in her very best Miami Spanglish: “A collection dedicated to placing afirmaciones de amor propio into your physical space and on your body, como declaración, recuerdo o meta—como lo necesitas.”

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