New Kcüll Boutique Store

Located in 1735 SW 8th Street, the grand opening date of the latest Kcüll boutique will be on Friday, August 6th.

This third extension of the Kcüll brand stores focuses on an upscale offering with a level of sophistication that gives prominence to gourmet desserts, sweets and other goods, plus a clothing line that insists on our trademark quality label: everything will continue to be hand-made and distributed by local vendors and artists only.

As the Kcüll Marketplace expands, it is important to note that the now three different locations will growingly specialize in different product lines. As such, the original Kcüll retail store, also located in Little Havana (1358 SW 8th St.), will give added visibility to smaller artisanal products, artistic expressions and creations, and emerging brands. The Kcüll Coconut Village store out of Coconut Grove will continue to feature products in the personal hygiene, healthful living, fragrance, and wellness areas. Tours of this historical Miami site are also a highlight, as is the store’s bustle during the weekly Sunday Savory and Sweet Market pop-up. Of course, the 3-outlet marketplace will operate as a network, so shopping in any of the three will continue to be a seamless experience within an artistic community of visionaries, artificers, illuminators and handewerkers offering unique pieces for the discerning customer.

We at Kcüll (remember, pronounced cool) believe that this third space, especially given the current situation, is an outstanding endorsement of our original mission. Let’s recap: a tight-nit community of local artists, artisans, business owners, and other interested parties, that set forth a cultural initiative perched on the idea of beautification. We continue to believe that the beauty that art brings is also functional, a path to the social and economic recovery and revamped interest in neglected, yet historic districts, this type of investment attracting tourists, curious passersby, and other stakeholders for the benefit of all.

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