Kcull Life, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was created from the need for cultural preservation in overlooked neighborhoods. Read about our latest projects below.

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Beautifying abandoned areas or overlooked historic neighborhoods not only brings heightened attention, but a regrowth within local culture.
Artistic expression not only elevates the human experience, but helps rally entire communities around substantial ideas and concepts:
Neighborhoods designing their own solutions

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Overtown Walking Tour

Overtown has been the heart of an African American community from its early inception to the present. A community that provided a place for many to gather while enjoying life to the greatest gratification. For old and new residents, Overtown is home. This hidden gem that Miami has to offer in all of the city’s existence has always been evolving with time. Come on to explore the neighborhood by visiting its historical sites, while experiencing the local shops that added new flavor of fulfilment to enjoy life.
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Downtown: Coconut Grove Walking Tour

The grove area is considered a pioneered town in all of early South Floridian lives. The same progressiveness has been continuing in many ways which makes it a very unique place to work, live, and play. These traits allow clusters of numerous opportunities for engagement within the environment. From one corner to the next guest shall be capture the murals art, overgrown tree canopies, architecture, local artist working on their craft, clear water of Biscayne Bay and places of entertainment.
Little Havana Image

Little Havana Beyond Cuba Walking Tour

Cuba is the second closest country to Miami of only 330 miles, 531 kilometers apart. The correlation of Cuba and Miami comes in full intuition from the time Cuba gained independence from Spain. The presence of Cuban culture in Miami is flamboyant in Little Havana from sunrise to sunset. On site users shall experience the locals through shared history of Cuba from within and abroad.

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