A Female Collaboration Exclusively at Kcull

Le Chic Miami is a female owned small business that handcrafts beautifulbold and vibrant earrings. Their earrings arecurrently available at Kcull in Miami. In January of 2021, Le Chic Miami teamed up with another Miami based artist, Reyna Noriega to create a collaboration based on Noriega’s art. This collection is available in Miami –  exclusively at Kcull, both online or at these two locations, namely: the Coconut Grove venue at the Coconut Village Market and the Little Havana store on 1358 SW 8th Street.

Mika Earrings

Shelley Hoop Earrings

Shelley Earrings

Jen Geometric Earrings


Lydia McConnell, Le Chic Miami is the hands-on maker of the designs as earrings while the designs themselves come from Reyna Noriega’s art. Reyna Noriega is a Miami-based Black and Afro-Latina visual artist, author, and educator. Reyna works with a widespread array of mediums, from graphic design, to painting, digital illustration, and photography. The simplified forms bring bold messaging coupled with vibrant shades, portraying figures of people of color, architectural spaces, and landscapes. “I center on women of color in the hopes of reminding them of their beauty and making them feel represented,” proclaims Reyna.

All earrings are based on Noriega’s artwork and then translated into Le Chic Miami’s very unique style. A mixologist of sorts, Lydia steps in to reinterpret Reyna’s shapes while adding her own spice of Miami Life to the shaker. An avid traveler and design lover, McConnell loves Miami’s culture, architecture, and sprightly fashion. In her very words, “It brings me great joy to be able to create something that makes someone’s day brighter. My earrings make people smile and encourage freedom of self-expression.” – Lydia McConnell

The designs themselves take anywhere from 2 hours to an entire day to hand-craft. They are executed via a 3-step process.

  1. Laser cut on basswood
  2. Hand painted with acrylic
  3. Sealed with a durable topcoat

All three steps have a raison d’êtreFunctional-aesthetic: the wood is extremely light, so it will not weigh your earlobes down. Exclusive artisanal creation: hand painting takes care of that. Durability: the top coat ensures that they are good to go for years to come.

All earrings are hypoallergenic in nickel-free plated or gold-plated alloy.

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